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About Railae

Railae is a peninsular only accessible by boat from Krabi or in high season
also from Ao Nang (Nov to March). Krabi is the capital of the Southern
Thai province by the same name. It can be reached from Bangkok by bus,
train, a combination of the two and by plane.

From Krabi you take a longtail boat to Railae.
The boatmen hang around
thepier in Krabi and will approach you with "Railae, Railae" or if they're about
to leave with "Railae, NOW, NOW".

Many people ask about the best time of year to come for climbing. Well, just
hen it is "cold, dark and generally depressing in Nothern Europe/US/Asia",
it is sunny, dry, warm with cool nights. Sounds
too good to be true?

Yes, a mega-million of other tourists know the same thing about our
climate and come to crowd the place. During high season you will have to
compete with non-climbing sun worshipers for accomodation and food.
Adam Smith's invisible hand is not idle in Railae ... this translates into
considerably higher prices than in low season. (April to October)

Climbing is possible throughout the year. Yes, it can rain, but the cracks
don't get washed into the sea. Actually, quite a few crack are overhanging
and can be climbed during/after a rain shower.

Bring a 60m rope
. Bring two if you plan to do any multi-pitch routes (or
come and rent one if you don't fancy lugging two ropes around Asia).
Bring at least
12 quickdraws and leave all your natural pro at home. There
is no trad climbing to speak of, all routes are bolted with ankers.
Yes, I know you have heard rumours about rusty bolts in Thailand and
they are true. People come to make routes, use the wrong bolts and never
come back to equip their routes with the right stuff.
Same is true for cleaning new routes, amigos! However, the popular cracks
are no problem and there have been some re-bolting efforts going on. If you
are ever in doubt about a route that tickles your interest, drop by my place
up-to-date route and area condition.

Rest Days
There are a few ways to idle away a non-climbing day waiting for the skin
on your fingers to grow again. You can take snorkeling, diving, or kayaking
trips right from Railae beach. There are a few hikes and caves on the
peninsular to be explored.
Or just hang on beautiful Pra Nang beach and join my favorite 'other' sport:
beach volleyball.

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View over Railae.
Your transport to and from Railae
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Pra Nang Beach
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